Tips to Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

The big day, your wedding, is finally here! Naturally you want everything to be perfect, and that includes having the best music. For that, you need to hire the best wedding DJ services available! We’ve got some tips on how to do that.

1. First, make sure they are actually a wedding DJ. There are a lot of great Melbourne DJs for hire. When looking at potential companies, look for ones that specialise in wedding DJ services or who have a disc jockey that exclusively does weddings. Booking a DJ that does a variety of venues may mean that your special day doesn’t get all the attention it deserves.
2. Ask for samples! Or, if you are browsing the web for a DJ, check out samples of their work on their website or sites like Soundcloud []. A live demo is always a good idea too. Essentially, make sure that you hear the DJ service that wants to take care of your audio needs.
3. Check out their playlist. The best DJs in Melbourne will have playlists available with a huge variety of songs that will appeal to everyone at your party, regardless of age or their taste in music! Be sure they have what you like too—after all, it’s your big day!
4. Of course, there’s the price. Some DJ services aren’t cheap, but the truth is that nothing good in life is free, or cheap! Instead of focussing solely on the price of the DJ service you are considering, weigh the price with the value. Are they worth the price tag?
5. Once you’ve settled on an agency or wedding DJ, make contact! Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to what you see on a website versus what you get on your wedding day. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, speak to the DJ or the agency manager on the phone. If all goes well, schedule a consultation. You’ll be able to check out how they present themselves to potential customers as well as their professionalism.
6. Hire experience! This is your big day and one that you’ll tell your children and grandchildren about down the line. So, it’s important to make sure it isn’t crashed by an inexperienced DJ! Though, even if a DJ or professional DJ service doesn’t regularly book weddings, you shouldn’t outright dismiss them—everyone has to start somewhere, but ideally, you don’t want them to start with you.

When you are picking out a DJ for your wedding, make sure you’re getting someone professional and above all else, as dedicated to making sure your wedding is perfect as you are. The best DJs in Melbourne are ready and eager to make your big day special!

90's Man, the Nineties are the Shit!

Heyyy, Macarena! Alright! The sounds of 1990s pop culture music exploded onto the scene with songs like these by Los Del Rio, getting everyone up and out of their seats. People danced the night away in go-go cages at their local nightclubs or at private afterparties or various kinds of engagements while DJs rocked out the latest hits.

Music from the 1990’s was fun and interactive. If it had a kitschy feel and a bright eyed pop star attached to it, it was the best song of the moment, that you thought would live forever in your stereos or as the best DJs in Melbourne played them at various functions. Music was Gwen Stefani (before she was the Gwen Stefani we know today), the lead singer of the band No Doubt, sending out adorable, yet powerful vocal blasts with those girl power anthems like “Just A Girl,” getting girls everywhere to sport their Bindi’s and heavy makeup, baggy pants and belly shirts. Even as Britney Spears came into her womanhood, those plaid skirts and belly shirts were continuing to saturate our senses with her catchy, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Today, DJs play all the greats from the 90’s right alongside artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and One Direction.

Why should you be obsessed with the 90s? Because, the 1990s were the best decade ever! The 90’s were about having a good time and encouraging everyone else to follow suit. 1990s music and the DJs that played it helped kick down gender-traditional doors by using lyrics for what people had been thinking, but were too afraid to say.

Take, for example. Alanis Morissette. DJs in Melbourne are always getting requests for her “You Oughta Know.” In it, she uses lyrical content to powerfully tell her ex-boyfriend to kick rocks - and in the most vivid and hostile way. Another common song requested at afterparties and 30th birthday parties is Meredith’s “Bitch”. In it, she vocalized that she was an independent woman—as well as a mother and lover. Women in the 90s were singing these songs twenty times a day and, if Facebook were alive and well back in the 90s, there would probably be too many posts to count with these amazing songs from women scorned. That’s fine—DJs all over the world did a great job at getting them out there.

The 1990s was a time in music that brought women to the forefront, giving them a voice that needed listening to. Angst-filled teen Fiona Apple vocalized about being a bad girl in “Criminal,” There was also Tori Amos, with her 1992 release of her album Little Earthquakes. This is the side of the 90s music scene that women of that generation stumbled upon self-discovery and realizing girls of all ages should speak up, be loud and be heard. While some of these may not be as common today, DJs in Melbourne still get requests as the 90’s weren’t that long ago.
1990s music was fun, manic, liberating and a joy to put those CDs into your stereo, and play them on repeat. Or, better yet, take advantage of some of the DJs in Melbourne and book a great afterparty or school formal!

70s Disco and More

It was the decade that everybody listened and danced to, disco. That’s right, they 70s brought us things like the movie Saturday Night Fever and hit song “The Hustle”. The era was also punctuated by “disco divas” like Dalida in Europe and Gloria Gaynor and Anita Ward in North America. Just like the 60s, DJs love this era because New Years Eve parties, afterparties and those celebrating their 40th birthday, the music from this period can bring back great memories that you can dance to!

It wasn’t just disco fever that took over in the 70s. Genres like rock saw an expansion into hard rock, arena rock and even heavy metal. Famous all over the world, AC/DC is requested frequently by all party goers.. AC/DC is an Australian hard rock band that was formed in 1973 and continues to produce music today! The DJs in Melbourne love to play songs by a band that has at least two streets named after them (AC/DC lane here in Melbourne, and "Calle de AC/DC" in Spain). This famous Australian band was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

New wave also became a thing in the 1970s and was used to describe music that fell into both the rock and pop genres. Bands like Blondie became iconic and an important part of the development of music in the 1980s. Despite breaking up briefly, Blondie has experienced world-wide success both in their native North America as well as Europe and here in Australia. Just like AC/DC, the Blondie is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and disc jockeys as well as other professionals that provide event entertainment services often see requests for songs by Blondie (like “Heart of Glass”).

The 70s also brought about power pop—a genre that combined punk rock and pop music and was made famous by bands like The Romantics, Loverboy and Cheap Trick. Soft rock saw a beginning here, along with punk rock, blues rock and even country rock!

Fortunately, the 70s also saw the rise of R&B music. Mobile DJ services and RnB DJs still get a lot of business today thanks to artists like Bobby Womack and Bill Withers. DJs regularly play songs like “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers and the famous band Earth, Wind and Fire often contributes to events like university balls and reunion parties.

Many bands we know and love today got started in the 70s or can trace their roots back to this powerful era in music. Bands like AC/DC and the Bee Gees dominated the music scene while Australian artists like Olivia Newton-John made names for themselves across the globe. Regardless of your music needs, Globerockerz offers DJ and lighting services, event DJ services and mobile DJ services to meet your music needs from the 1970s!

The Swingin’ 60’s

Music is ever evolving, becoming something new and different. But, in the 1960s, music everywhere underwent a revolution! DJs and mobile DJs everywhere still play classic songs from this era, songs that still leave a mark on music today.

In Europe and North America, the 60s took the rock and roll from the 50s and branched out to include popular genres like pop, psychedelic rock, blues rock, beat, and even folk rock. Disc jockeys love these classic genres because of songs like “You’re All I Need to Get By” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. These classics are always requested at events like afterparties, New Years Eve and for those that danced the nights away during the 60s, 50th birthday parties as well as 60th birthday parties.

Europe and North America weren’t the only places to see the music industry change. In Australia, Bruce Clarke began using Dr. Robert Moog’s new Moog synthesizer. When Clarke was asked to do a cigarette commercial during a musicians’ strike, he unwittingly kicked off interest in electronic music by using the Moog synthesizer. DJs love music composed with the synthesizer because of its bouncy, fun tone (the “Star Wars” theme in 1977 was done with the Moog synthesizer!)

Keith Humble was also important to Australia’s music movement in the 1960s. Famous among music enthusiasts for his grand performances involving rock bands, string quartets and theatre ensembles, Humble’s work is note-worthy because of how highly experimental his work was and because of his support of young innovators via the Society for the Private Performance of New Music. Some of the

DJs  may not be musicians themselves, but they can appreciate innovation and musicians that facilitate it in others!

Both Bruce Clarke and Keith Humble laid the ground work for Australian composers like David Ahern to put a new, rock spin on famous icons like Captain Cook and Australia’s very own Ned Kelly. The McKimm/Rooney/Clayton trio also took to Humble’s large scores by incorporating graphic scores and serials into jazz improvisation.

Finally and perhaps the most famous group from the 60s, the Beatles originated in Liverpool, England and got their start in clubs. Seemingly overnight the Beatles became an internationally known group. DJs today still get all kinds of requests for their songs, regardless of if they are providing event DJ services, kids birthdays and even wedding DJ services. Some may say that the “British Invasion” continues today because of the impact the Beatles had on the 1960s and music everywhere.

Here at Globerockerz, we love the 60s and specialize in bringing you the best music from this classic, great era! Come in and talk to the best DJs in Melbourne today!

Music from 2000-2010

As society has changed, the impact those changes has had on music and how DJs work is profound. This is very true between 2000 and 2010 when pop music managed to fragment into smaller portions. While the early years of this decade did not see the emergence of diverse styles in music, DJs in Melbourne got plenty of requests for songs in genres like Hip Hop and R&B, RnB got the attention of most artists with R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Akon and some others. It wasn’t uncommon for university balls, kids birthdays or afterparties to feature songs by all of those artists and, at times, newly emerging artists.

Top Songs for the Decade
Nevertheless, the decade 2000-2010 has dictated a new norm of music. DJs all over Australia and United States played songs like “Whenever Wherever” by Shakira, Enrique’s “Hero”, and “In your Eyes” by Kylie Minogue. Other artists like Scooter, Avril Levine, Kelly Lowland (See Dilemma) and Vanessa Carlton (a thousand miles) made an impact on radio and the mobile dj entertainment scene.
The Australian Music during this Time
The Australian Music particularly was dominated with RnB-inspired songs that had a unique touch of pop and soft rock. DJs played popular Australian musicians, like Guy Sebastian, Kylie Minogue, Joan Sutherland, Peter Dawson and Delta Goodrem. Sadly, some of these artists have for long been absorbed by the noise and confusion that attacked music in late 2008 and 2009, but despite that, it isn’t uncommon for mobile DJ services to get requests for these artists today for those who are nostalgic for the 2000’s. Back in the day, those that appreciated good Australian music asked DJs to play these artists. Despite being less popular, most of them have remained both musically and profitably relevant scooping top awards even in U.S Billboard charts. These are artists like Kylie and Guy Sebastian who continue to enjoy the changing face of music by tweaking their styles and approach to music. DJs in Melbourne keep up with their newest releases as well as the classics. This means that their voice and vocals are tuned back in the days (like 2004 and 2005), despite this, they have been careful to add some touches, and reduce some with changing times. Thanks to these artists.

Many of the popular songs from the 2000’s continue to grace Australian radio stations and DJ services for weddings, school formals and various other Disc Jockey services. These songs are classics from a genre that’s still a favourite today!

The Eternal 80’s

80's music—now that was something. All DJs in Melbourne will tell you that from Madonna to Michael Jackson and from Prince to Queen, that's the real deal. Let’s not even get started on Metal! Stars like Alice Cooper with his mind-blowing shows, as well as Metallica and Aerosmith have set the base for today's music and what the top DJs of today play a lot of.
It's not just the music that these unique stars have gracefully offered us though. 80's fashion was, nonetheless, colourful and rocking! Green, pink and yellow neon were definitely the main actors in the play of pants. Today after parties, New Years Eve parties and festivals feature these colours for ambiance and to decorate, but back then, you wore that!

A great mention is Music Television, better known as MTV. It actually played music back then. NO reality shows, NO series, just good 80's pop music. The public got a chance to see what was coming out without shows that have nothing to do with music and DJs got to hear about how well received the music was.
Now this article wouldn't be 80's themed if the greatest thing about 80's wasn't mentioned. Dance moves. The best DJs in Melbourne loved "The Sprinkler", where a dancer grabbed one foot from behind and started bringing in forward and then backwards again. "The MC Hammer", another famous dance from the era, involved squatting with your knees pointed out and scooting across the ground in a way not dissimilar to a crab moving across. Doing this popular 80s (and 90’s!) dance often brings about feelings of nostalgia! By far the hardest one of the era was "The moonwalk". Tried by many, but achieved by just a few, one of those who inspired dancers and disc jockeys alike was the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Also back in the 80s, music could be nasty, but also innocent at the same time and in all the right ways. Madonna's "Like a virgin" was the talk of the town, both from fascinated fans of her and the DJs that played her music. Today, even the best DJs in Melbourne find that their audience is waiting for the next big thing. In the 80’s, songs and artists could enjoy the ‘limelight’ longer. Despite that, DJs are frequently providing event entertainment services and mobile DJ services to audiences that look back and miss this great era in entertainment!

Really, the 80's were, if not the best decade of all, the one that had the most fun. From exquisite fashion to neon themed late night afterparties and dances like “The Moonwalk”, one thing is for sure: we all loved the 80’s and weren’t afraid to have a good time!

Trustworthy Mobile DJs

Anybody can claim to be a DJ. There is no certificate or degree which declares that you know how to operate the equipment or that you have the charisma to be successful in your career. It’s one of those things that you have to sell to potential clients through some great marketing and raw talent. Though, customers don’t have to give newcomers a shot. The staff at Globerockerz includes talented Experienced  DJs, all who have already jumped those hurdles and worked from the ground up. This has given these creative disc jockeys plenty of experience at providing each and every customer with the best services possible.

Being able to provide mobile DJ services requires a special kind of disc jockey. Like a wedding DJ service or a DJ service for a specific venue, mobile DJs need to be able to read their audience and assess their wants in order to be successful. Mobile DJs also have the added skill of being an entertainer and engaging with the crowd. Not everyone is ready to dance right from the beginning. Sometimes, it takes a little encouragement from the jockey behind the microphone. So, it’s important that when you choose a DJ service, the disc jockey will be able to help loosen up the crowd and get the audience comfortable with dancing and having a good time. With well over 40years of cumulative experience, the artists at Globerockerz have gotten a lot of people up and dancing, and having a fantastic time.

In addition to being people oriented, a mobile disc jockey should be able to entertain everybody. Globerockerz provides mobile DJ services and have the experience and massive music library for any genre or age group. Be it 80s rock and roll or the latest songs, Globerockerz can take care of anybody. It isn’t cheap to start out as a mobile DJ; the library alone, plus some smart investing in some public liability insurance, can be expensive. Fortunately, customers of Globerockerz have the benefit of a long standing company. The start up cost has been taken care of!

Almost any mobile DJ you talk to will say that they started out by volunteering with a successful mobile disc jockey. It doesn’t particularly help on a job resume, but by shadowing another DJ, you can learn about what works and what doesn’t. This means that before Globerockerz was even a company, your DJ was working to learn how to give you the best service possible. All of the DJs at Globerockerz have been successful, and it’s because they have cultivated a style and practices that have brought them clients and have allowed them to make a wonderful career in event entertainment services.

The most important skill you should have when getting into the mobile DJ service isn’t something you can learn. Enthusiasm, excitement and determination are all important in any DJ music service, but none more so than the mobile DJ service. As a client, you can see that Globerockerz DJs have enthusiasm and a love for what they do, and that translates into a better event for you.

Getting started in the mobile DJ service isn’t necessarily an easy task. But, keep in mind that with each satisfied client, you’ve got another person or company recommending your services to friends, family and associates.

Sometimes, word of mouth is the best form of promotion. This cannot be truer for a mobile DJ service.

Affordable Music Services

One benefit celebrities have over the average guy is that their income seems infinite. Their parties are legendary when compared to everybody else’s because they can literally spend thousands of dollars on every detail. Unfortunately we can’t do that, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on those details or that you can’t get a quality experience.

Globerockerz is based locally in Melbourne, and our goal is to give you a great experience, regardless of your venue and entertainment needs. We believe that happy guests who leave with great memories make your event a success. If everybody has a blast, we’ve done a good job. But, we also believe that making it affordable to you is important to that success. We want to build a positive relationship with you and service your future needs, after all.

We’re a professional DJ service staffed with creative, outgoing people that love what they do. At Globerockerz, we are a complete music DJ service and offer a wide array of services for our clients.

Our specialities don’t just include weddings and other special events. We also offer (and enjoy!) sound engineering services

we also provide our clients with corporate DJ services as well as karaoke and party event services. We also offer sound and lighting services. Your DJs have worked with some of Australia’s most notable programs, like Australia’s Next Top Model, and have provided services to movies, short films and commercials.

Don’t let our high-end clientele scare you! Our pricing packages start at just $450 and we’d love to provide our services at any event. We’re able to work with your budget and work out plans that make paying for our services less of a burden on our customers. We understand that music is just one aspect of your event, and we don’t want to add to the stress of planning with expensive, inflexible rates.

Here at Globerockerz, we’re firm believers that you should get quality DJ services without paying expensive prices. Music needs to be customized and not blared out from the playlist of an iPod. Good music and a good personality behind it can make an event something special and something that your guests, be it family and friends or corporate co-workers, talk about for the rest of the year.

If you’d like your next event to be something special and you don’t want to blow your whole budget on just one aspect, contact us. We’d love to have you as a new friend and customer!

What Makes a Great Wedding DJ?

That’s a good question, and a very important one as the big day approaches. Picking the wrong DJ for your reception could make your big day the talk of the family for years and the basis of what all your friends and family don’t want at their own reception. Globerockerz is a complete music DJ service based out of Melbourne and might be exactly what you’re looking for on that special day.

There are three basic things you need to look for when browsing DJ services for your wedding. First and foremost, make sure that a wedding DJ service can read the crowd. Ask questions, quiz your potential DJ! He or she’ll be happy to impress you with their skills. Any professional DJ is kind of like a detective—they watch the crowd for clues so that they know what to do. All the little things you do when you enjoy your music, like tapping your toes or bopping up and down in your chair, are indicators to a good entertainer that a certain song or a certain type of song should be played again. No one crowd is alike and where Lowrider might work for one crowd, another crowd might want to go old school and dance to Savage Garden.

Second, you want to be sure that the DJ wedding service you hire can network with the other staff. This is your wedding, the big day: do you really want to be running up to the DJ telling them how to do their job? Of course not, that’s why it’s important to make sure that your disc jockey is able to do their part in making your event runs smoothly. A good entertainer coordinates with the caterers, best man, and others who have been given the honour of keeping your special day running smoothly. When you hire your DJ, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their people skills and ability to work under sometimes stressful situations. Globerockerz’s staff has over 12 years of experience at making weddings memorable with the best possible entertainment choices for your guests, so you can have confidence that they can work under pressure.

Reading the crowd and coordinating with your staff means nothing if your DJ service doesn’t have one vital skill: knowledge of music. There are some things that are not appropriate for weddings, or at least may not be for yours. When you pick a DJ, along with selecting an affordable DJ service, you want to be sure that they know what type of music you want at your wedding. With a little guidance from you, one of Globerockerz talented disc jockeys can select songs that are appropriate for your big day. Assuming that every DJ makes the right choices could mean the difference between Celine Dion or Sir Mix-A-Lot at your upscale, elegant wedding.

Your wedding is the first day in a long, happy marriage. You’ve picked the venue—and honestly, how can you go wrong in such a beautiful city as Melbourne—you’ve made painstaking arrangements about the food, cake, and guest list. It’s important that when you evaluate DJ services, you pick one with experience, knowledge, organisation, a great persona and an ability to think quickly for those last minute changes. 

After all, it’s your wedding, and you want it in good hands.