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70s Disco and More

It was the decade that everybody listened and danced to, disco. That’s right, they 70s brought us things like the movie Saturday Night Fever and

The Swingin’ 60’s

Music is ever evolving, becoming something new and different. But, in the 1960s, music everywhere underwent a revolution! DJs and mobile DJs everywhere still play

Music from 2000-2010

As society has changed, the impact those changes has had on music and how DJs work is profound. This is very true between 2000 and

The Eternal 80’s

80’s music—now that was something. All DJs in Melbourne will tell you that from Madonna to Michael Jackson and from Prince to Queen, that’s the

Trustworthy Mobile DJs

Anybody can claim to be a DJ. There is no certificate or degree which declares that you know how to operate the equipment or that

Affordable Music Services

One benefit celebrities have over the average guy is that their income seems infinite. Their parties are legendary when compared to everybody else’s because they

What Makes a Great Wedding DJ?

That’s a good question, and a very important one as the big day approaches. Picking the wrong DJ for your reception could make your big