As society has changed, the impact those changes has had on music and how DJs work is profound. This is very true between 2000 and 2010 when pop music managed to fragment into smaller portions. While the early years of this decade did not see the emergence of diverse styles in music, DJs in Melbourne got plenty of requests for songs in genres like Hip Hop and R&B, RnB got the attention of most artists with R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Akon and some others. It wasn’t uncommon for university balls, kids birthdays or afterparties to feature songs by all of those artists and, at times, newly emerging artists.

Top Songs for the Decade
Nevertheless, the decade 2000-2010 has dictated a new norm of music. DJs all over Australia and United States played songs like “Whenever Wherever” by Shakira, Enrique’s “Hero”, and “In your Eyes” by Kylie Minogue. Other artists like Scooter, Avril Levine, Kelly Lowland (See Dilemma) and Vanessa Carlton (a thousand miles) made an impact on radio and the mobile dj entertainment scene.
The Australian Music during this Time
The Australian Music particularly was dominated with RnB-inspired songs that had a unique touch of pop and soft rock. DJs played popular Australian musicians, like Guy Sebastian, Kylie Minogue, Joan Sutherland, Peter Dawson and Delta Goodrem. Sadly, some of these artists have for long been absorbed by the noise and confusion that attacked music in late 2008 and 2009, but despite that, it isn’t uncommon for mobile DJ services to get requests for these artists today for those who are nostalgic for the 2000’s. Back in the day, those that appreciated good Australian music asked DJs to play these artists. Despite being less popular, most of them have remained both musically and profitably relevant scooping top awards even in U.S Billboard charts. These are artists like Kylie and Guy Sebastian who continue to enjoy the changing face of music by tweaking their styles and approach to music. DJs in Melbourne keep up with their newest releases as well as the classics. This means that their voice and vocals are tuned back in the days (like 2004 and 2005), despite this, they have been careful to add some touches, and reduce some with changing times. Thanks to these artists.

Many of the popular songs from the 2000’s continue to grace Australian radio stations and DJ services for weddings, school formals and various other Disc Jockey services. These songs are classics from a genre that’s still a favourite today!