We’re Here for You –

Planning your wedding can be a lot of work but it should also be a lot of fun.  Our goal is to provide you with helpful ideas and suggestions that will reduce your work and increase your overall enjoyment. If you have any questions regarding your contract, reception planner, payments etc.. please call            1300 870 889 or email Your DJ is also available to answer your questions regarding special music ideas and formalities such as MC’ing.  We can also offer referrals for photographers, ceremony musicians etc.  If you are having a singer, musicians or other event entertainment at your reception, please let us know.

Pre Planning is All Important –

We believe that the pre-reception planning session with your DJ/MC is the foundation of a successful event.  It is important to note that this planning session will be done in person approximately 4 – 6 weeks prior to your reception, and both the bride and groom should attend.  In addition, a short meeting by phone or in person will take place 2 weeks before your wedding to cover any of the last-minute details.

Our Sound System & Set-Up-

The sequence of events is also a very important part of the overall success of your wedding reception.  If you would like guidance as to what events and formalities to have at your reception and the order in which they will occur, we would be happy to assist you.  While you may get ideas from others, as entertainment professionals, we are uniquely qualified to help you plan in a manner that creates a sequence that flows smoothly from one event to the next while maximizing guest enjoyment and participation.  If you are planning a tentative agenda with any other wedding professional eg photographer, please call us.  We will be happy to share our professional expertise with you.

Music Requests –

The very best parties always have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups.  We will work with you to establish the kind of music you would like played, special songs for certain times of the night.  If you would like a certain song to be played and dedicated to one of your guests who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary of other special occasion, please be sure to note this in your music requests.  This is a great way to personalize your event and recognize someone special.

Sensitive Subjects –

If you would like us to be aware of any sensitive information regarding your event, family or guests, please let us now.  This could be about a recent death in the family, step-parent’s or anything else that you think is important.

Food & Drink –

If you would like to provide us with a meal, thank you!  And, please discuss it first with your facility contact.  Vendor meals are often available for us without additional cost being incurred by you.  By the way, your DJ/MC never consumes alcoholic beverages, only ice water or soft drinks.


    First & Last Name of Married Couple:



    No. of Guests:

    Av Age:

    No. of children under 12:


    Reception Venue:

    Floor & Room No:

    Contact Person:


    Photographers’ Name:

    Bridal Party Arrival Time:

    Will there be a meal provided for your DJ/MC

    (If yes, thank you! Kindly ask your venue contact to seat the DJ at a table near the sound system if possible)


    What type of music would you like played for the Wedding Party Introductions?

    Bride & Groom’s First Dance

    (Song Title & Artist)

    Wedding Party Dance

    (Song Title & Artist)

    Father & Daughter Dance

    (Song Title & Artist)

    Mother & Son Dance

    (Song Title & Artist)

    Will There Be a Blessing Before Dinner?

    If Blessing Before Dinner, Who Will be Giving it:

    Will There Be a Toast After the Blessing?

    If a Toast After the Blessing Then Who Will be Giving it:

    When Will the Cake Cutting Take Place?

    What Song Would you Like Played for the Cake Cutting Ceremony?

    Garter & Bouquet Ceremonies

    What Songs Would You Like Played for the Bouquet Ceremony?

    (Song Title & Artist)

    What Songs Would You Like Played for the Garter Ceremony?

    (Song Title & Artist)

    When Would You Like the Dance Floor to open?

    Please Select Your Preferred Music Styles:

    Top 40Rock N RollDiscoRockR’n’BHip HopDanceHouse & ElectroTechno/Trance

    Who is Your favorite Male Singer/s?

    Who is Your favorite Female Singer/s?

    Who are Your favorite Bands/DJ’s?

    What Song/s Would Like Played during the Good-Bye Circle/Good Byes?

    Additional Song Requests:


    Wedding Date:


    Bride & Groom’s Names:

    Best Man:

    Maid of honour:








    Parents of the Bride:

    Parents of the Groom:


    FORMALITIES (tick all the formalities you would like to be included)

    Formal Introduction of Bridal Party (beginning of reception)Entrance Song (optional) alternatively we can play the Bridal March or just some nice acoustic background musicCutting of the Cake:Speeches:Father of BrideFather of GroomBest ManGroomBride

    Readings of (Telegrams) Words of Congratulations:

    GroomsmenBest Man

    Any notes, other special requirements, or formalities not covered in this form:

    Some useful information…..
    • The final formalities at the end of the function include the throwing of the Garter and/or Bouquet, and perhaps a “goodbye circle”. Many wedding reception venues allow around 15 minutes for these formalities when they are working out the running order of the night.  We know from experience, however, that these formalities rarely take less than 25 minutes, and sometimes much longer if you have more than 100 guests.   We also find that many times, where there is a large number of guests, the crowd usually don’t stay in a circle for very long and end up scattered all around.  It can get very messy with large weddings. If you are keen to have the “goodbye circle”, it’s a good idea to allow a more realistic 25-30 minutes, which means you will have to get ready a little earlier.
    • If you have more than 100 guests, you may wish to consider the following alternatives to the “goodbye circle”
    1. Instead of a circle, we can ask your guests to form a “guard of honour” from the dance floor area to the door, or even right out to the waiting car, with your Bridal Party and family up at the door or car, so they can be the last to say goodbye to you. A guard of honour looks like a straight line, and your guests can also raise their hands to make it look like a tunnel….this looks great in photos and also is more likely to “keep its shape” with a lot of guests, than a circle.  However, it will depend on the size and shape of the function room etc…
    2. As you walk around to greet each table during the course of the night, take the time to thank the guests for coming and explain you won’t be having a “goodbye circle” as it takes too long, then you can keep the dancing going until about 10 minutes before the end of the function, at which time you can do the throwing of the Garter and/or Bouquet, then take each other’s hand and make a run for the door as we all clap and cheer you on (another alternative is the Groom could sweep the Bride up and carry her).
    3. Another option is to say your “Thank you and Goodbye” to the guests at the tables as above, but at the end of the night, have a small circle in the centre of the dance floor, just for the Bridal Party and immediate family. This will allow you to publicly thank your loved ones without taking up too much time doing the same for everyone there.  You can then make a grand exit as above … or even have your Bridal Party carry you both to the waiting car!! For this and the throwing of the Garter/Bouquet, you should allow at least 15-20 minutes.


    The Client is Responsible for:

      1. Filling out the booking form completely and accurately in accordance with paying the booking fee. Payments are done through bank deposit; you must ensure that your surname and date of event is included as a reference. You will receive all invoices to the email you provide in the booking form. Please Ensure that Globerockerz has received your booking form. The Remaining fee has to be paid before the event begins or we reserve the right to leave the function with no discount or refund. All full payment and booking fees are non-refundable.
      2. Submitting any lists, song requests or relevant information is submitted in writing 2 weeks prior to the event. Globerockerz cannot guarantee the inclusion of difficult to source, obsolete, or deleted titles that are either requested at the event, or previously notified.
      3. Access of venue to Entertainment Act for 90 minutes set up prior and 60 minutes’ breakdown for event.
      4. Information given in advance of safe and adequate power supply, loading of equipment, access to stairs, or lift.
      5. Any parking fees should the venue not have adequate parking for the Entertainment Act.
      6. Ensuring the venue abides by all Health and Safety Laws. All equipment and cables are covered from direct sunlight or rain. Globerockerz reserves the right to cancel the performance should these standards not be met, and we will not continue with the function with no refunds given should this occur.
      7. Should you choose to cancel the services, it must be done in writing and a cancellation fee will occur. The cancellation fee is 100% of the balance outstanding, should The Client cancel within 30 days prior to the event. Cancelation before this, the pre- paid booking fee would be the only penalty lost. Should the event be cancelled due to reasons entirely beyond the Clients control then a new date can be set if required or the booking fee would be returned in full.
      8. Conduct, actions, injuries, and behavior of any persons, guests, venue management, members of the public, customers, or staff at the venue. 
      9. Any damage to the venue during the event. We reserve the right to end the event should any violence or aggressive behavior occur.
      10. Ensuring that the entertainer has a proper loading area, if not prior arrangements have to be made at least 2 weeks before the function.
      11. Any delays or should the event be cut short that are beyond the control of the Entertainment Act, no refunds will be issued for this circumstance and the company is not obligated to extend the agreed timescale. Should the Entertainment encounter unforeseen circumstances such as a fire, riot, accidents, acts of nature, or any other such event that is out of their control which might delay the performance the Entertainment act will contact the Client of such an incident.
      12. For making sure The venue has all relevant licenses and conforms to all local bye-laws. 
      13. The customer may request additional hours on the date of the function, any additional hours will be charged at the companies’ overtime rate. You must have permission for this by the Entertainment Act, venue, hall, or functions manager. The Entertainment Act must have verbal confirmation of this from the venue, hall, or organizer and payments must be made upon the request.
      14. The work of the Entertainment Act has unsociable hours and we ask if non-alcoholic drinks could be supplied. Please do offer the Entertainment Act soft drinks, food and refreshments. Please do not offer alcoholic drinks whilst Globerockerz staff are on the venue’s premises.
      15. When an event is held in a marquee, The Client must ensure the work area is dry with a minimum of 2x13A power sockets that are located within 5 meters of the area. Should there be bad weather necessary arrangements will have to be made. 
      16. Unless otherwise arranged, the client gives permission for any photos or media taken during the event for promotional purposes. 


    The Venue is Responsible for:

      1. Please consider and think about the amount of space available and where the Client is going to put the Dance floor should the Client be booking other entertainment (e.g. singer, comedian) as well as hiring Globerockerz. Speaker location is usually best if it is no more than 10 meters either side from the position of the Act.
      2. The audio/ lighting equipment should be able to be assembled safely, should there not be insufficient floor space available the Entertainment Act reserves the right to refuse the performance.
      3. Should uncontrollable circumstances occur, the Entertainment Act reserves the right to substitute alternative equipment. The Entertainment Act is responsible for providing certificates of Public Liability Insurance and P.A.T. Testing carried out on equipment
      4. Ensuring that the entertainer has a proper loading area, if there is not, prior arrangements have to be made by at least 2 weeks before the function.


    The Entertainment Act/Globerockerz is responsible for:

    1. Every Entertainment Act of Globerockerz is experienced and capable of playing music that will suit your function or event. Are Entertainers have a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry. Globerockerz will conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the attendance at The Venue and will respond to the Client’s reasonable requests, As well as to The Venue management’s reasonable requests such as volume and sitting of equipment.
    2. Globerockerz will select the equipment and lighting that is appropriate for your function or event depending on the number of guests and the size of the venue. Should equipment failure occur beyond our control we cannot be held accountable.  We will do our best to sort out issues should a power outage occur as this can cause delays in rebooting, equipment damages, faults or breakdown However, no refunds or discounts will be given should this occur as power outages are out of our control.
    3. We are responsible for performing with the utmost professionalism and being at the event on time and will make every effort to make sure your event is a total success.

    This agreement is a binding agreement when you hire Globerockerz for any services.  You have agreed to the terms and conditions.  We the company will assume you have read the terms and conditions before you sign your booking form. We will not be held accountable if you have not read these terms and conditions, but you have signed and ticked that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.