80’s music—now that was something. All DJs in Melbourne will tell you that from Madonna to Michael Jackson and from Prince to Queen, that’s the real deal. Let’s not even get started on Metal! Stars like Alice Cooper with his mind-blowing shows, as well as Metallica and Aerosmith have set the base for today’s music and what the top DJs of today play a lot of.
It’s not just the music that these unique stars have gracefully offered us though. 80’s fashion was, nonetheless, colourful and rocking! Green, pink and yellow neon were definitely the main actors in the play of pants. Today after parties, New Years Eve parties and festivals feature these colours for ambiance and to decorate, but back then, you wore that!

A great mention is Music Television, better known as MTV. It actually played music back then. NO reality shows, NO series, just good 80’s pop music. The public got a chance to see what was coming out without shows that have nothing to do with music and DJs got to hear about how well received the music was.
Now this article wouldn’t be 80’s themed if the greatest thing about 80’s wasn’t mentioned. Dance moves. The best DJs in Melbourne loved “The Sprinkler”, where a dancer grabbed one foot from behind and started bringing in forward and then backwards again. “The MC Hammer”, another famous dance from the era, involved squatting with your knees pointed out and scooting across the ground in a way not dissimilar to a crab moving across. Doing this popular 80s (and 90’s!) dance often brings about feelings of nostalgia! By far the hardest one of the era was “The moonwalk”. Tried by many, but achieved by just a few, one of those who inspired dancers and disc jockeys alike was the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Also back in the 80s, music could be nasty, but also innocent at the same time and in all the right ways. Madonna’s “Like a virgin” was the talk of the town, both from fascinated fans of her and the DJs that played her music. Today, even the best DJs in Melbourne find that their audience is waiting for the next big thing. In the 80’s, songs and artists could enjoy the ‘limelight’ longer. Despite that, DJs are frequently providing event entertainment services and mobile DJ services to audiences that look back and miss this great era in entertainment!

Really, the 80’s were, if not the best decade of all, the one that had the most fun. From exquisite fashion to neon themed late night afterparties and dances like “The Moonwalk”, one thing is for sure: we all loved the 80’s and weren’t afraid to have a good time!