That’s a good question, and a very important one as the big day approaches. Picking the wrong DJ for your reception could make your big day the talk of the family for years and the basis of what all your friends and family don’t want at their own reception. Globerockerz is a complete music DJ service based out of Melbourne and might be exactly what you’re looking for on that special day.

There are three basic things you need to look for when browsing DJ services for your wedding. First and foremost, make sure that a wedding DJ service can read the crowd. Ask questions, quiz your potential DJ! He or she’ll be happy to impress you with their skills. Any professional DJ is kind of like a detective—they watch the crowd for clues so that they know what to do. All the little things you do when you enjoy your music, like tapping your toes or bopping up and down in your chair, are indicators to a good entertainer that a certain song or a certain type of song should be played again. No one crowd is alike and where Lowrider might work for one crowd, another crowd might want to go old school and dance to Savage Garden.

Second, you want to be sure that the DJ wedding service you hire can network with the other staff. This is your wedding, the big day: do you really want to be running up to the DJ telling them how to do their job? Of course not, that’s why it’s important to make sure that your disc jockey is able to do their part in making your event runs smoothly. A good entertainer coordinates with the caterers, best man, and others who have been given the honour of keeping your special day running smoothly. When you hire your DJ, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their people skills and ability to work under sometimes stressful situations. Globerockerz’s staff has over 12 years of experience at making weddings memorable with the best possible entertainment choices for your guests, so you can have confidence that they can work under pressure.

Reading the crowd and coordinating with your staff means nothing if your DJ service doesn’t have one vital skill: knowledge of music. There are some things that are not appropriate for weddings, or at least may not be for yours. When you pick a DJ, along with selecting an affordable DJ service, you want to be sure that they know what type of music you want at your wedding. With a little guidance from you, one of Globerockerz talented disc jockeys can select songs that are appropriate for your big day. Assuming that every DJ makes the right choices could mean the difference between Celine Dion or Sir Mix-A-Lot at your upscale, elegant wedding.

Your wedding is the first day in a long, happy marriage. You’ve picked the venue—and honestly, how can you go wrong in such a beautiful city as Melbourne—you’ve made painstaking arrangements about the food, cake, and guest list. It’s important that when you evaluate DJ services, you pick one with experience, knowledge, organisation, a great persona and an ability to think quickly for those last minute changes. 

After all, it’s your wedding, and you want it in good hands.