The big day, your wedding, is finally here! Naturally you want everything to be perfect, and that includes having the best music. For that, you need to hire the best wedding DJ services available! We’ve got some tips on how to do that.

1. First, make sure they are actually a wedding DJ. There are a lot of great Melbourne DJs for hire. When looking at potential companies, look for ones that specialise in wedding DJ services or who have a disc jockey that exclusively does weddings. Booking a DJ that does a variety of venues may mean that your special day doesn’t get all the attention it deserves.
2. Ask for samples! Or, if you are browsing the web for a DJ, check out samples of their work on their website or sites like Soundcloud []. A live demo is always a good idea too. Essentially, make sure that you hear the DJ service that wants to take care of your audio needs.
3. Check out their playlist. The best DJs in Melbourne will have playlists available with a huge variety of songs that will appeal to everyone at your party, regardless of age or their taste in music! Be sure they have what you like too—after all, it’s your big day!
4. Of course, there’s the price. Some DJ services aren’t cheap, but the truth is that nothing good in life is free, or cheap! Instead of focussing solely on the price of the DJ service you are considering, weigh the price with the value. Are they worth the price tag?
5. Once you’ve settled on an agency or wedding DJ, make contact! Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to what you see on a website versus what you get on your wedding day. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, speak to the DJ or the agency manager on the phone. If all goes well, schedule a consultation. You’ll be able to check out how they present themselves to potential customers as well as their professionalism.
6. Hire experience! This is your big day and one that you’ll tell your children and grandchildren about down the line. So, it’s important to make sure it isn’t crashed by an inexperienced DJ! Though, even if a DJ or professional DJ service doesn’t regularly book weddings, you shouldn’t outright dismiss them—everyone has to start somewhere, but ideally, you don’t want them to start with you.

When you are picking out a DJ for your wedding, make sure you’re getting someone professional and above all else, as dedicated to making sure your wedding is perfect as you are. The best DJs in Melbourne are ready and eager to make your big day special!