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Live sound Mixing and PA Hire

What makes the music, isn’t only those creating its sounds, but those curating the perfect setting and engineering to push that sound to its peak potential. Music without the proper engineering, no matter how popular, can create a dull experience for an audience.

At Globerockerz, we understand the front end, and back end of creating a memorable musical experience. We specialize in providing live sound engineering for bands, Acoustic acts and DJ’s for small to medium sized venues. Our Engineers are well versed and knowledgeable in the field with years of valuable and high end experience. We will set up and operate equipment, provided by us.

We are aware of the wide range of events to which engineering services may be required, and at Globerockerz we aim to please all clients. One specialty accompanying our quality and professionalism, is our ability to adapt and adjust to provide priceless service in any environment. Our live sound and Lighting packages has been crafted to accomplish just this. We can cater to a wide range of applications such as indoor concerts, presentations, corporate events and weddings. Of course, if you wish for specific needs catered to a venue outside of these, we are most excited to discuss and organize arrangements to make it possible. We are here to assist, and provide our expertise to any in need of creating an entertainment experience that will leave their audience in owe for a lifetime.

Many establishments boast of quality, but we…we don’t boast…our reputation does that quite well for us (insert smirk here). At Globerockerz, your needs, is our interest; your happiness, is our satisfaction; your satisfaction, is our goal! We are here solely to please you and bring your event to fruition with the best sound and lighting on the market. Many satisfied clients have already been enjoying the benefits of using our services, why not let us show you the same courtesy? Contact us, and let’s have a talk. Book us now!

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