Indoor Fire Works
Theatrical pyrotechnics are strictly designed to be safe for indoor use and ideal for small to large venues including but not limited to stage, receptions, concert halls, corporate functions, award nights etc. Obviously though depending on the venue and nature of event will in turn depend on what effects are suitable
Confetti Cannons
Our Confetti Cannons are used to fire a ‘hit’ of confetti and streamers at a key moment in an event. A spectacular and versatile effect producing an instantaneous blast of Confetti and Streamers for a real surprise factor….
Smoke FX
We have an awesome and diverse range of smoke effects suitable for any event or scenario including Low Lying Fog Machines, Dry Ice Machines, Smoke Machines, Foggers/Hazers and Co2 Jets which are a impressive way to add that ‘burst’ of life to any event.
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Flame FX
We have the ability to shoot out flames on command whatever the scenario. The flames projected by the flame projectors are spectacular, with shaking power like explosion of A-bomb, and thus brings the stage effect to a climax…
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We can provide almost any basic shape or short message in Fireworks Writing (also called Lancework or Set Piece) whether it is someone’s initials or name, or ‘ I LOVE YOU’ or ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’, or ‘ MARRY ME?’ – The possiblities are Endless, the Results are Amazing!
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1. Brightness: 3000 Ansi Lumens
2. Resolution: 800*600 (Native)
3. Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Native)
4. Audience: 5. Best For: Kids Movie Night
1. Brightness: 2600 or 3000 Ansi Lumens
2. Resolution: 1024*768 (Native)
3. Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Native)
4. Audience: 5. Best For: Business Presentation
60 Inches Pull Up Screen
1.2M Wide and 0.9M High
Deluxe Photo Booth Option with an experienced Operator and unlimited prints and photos.

*All items subject to availability